We are community focused roof truss specialists that believe in offering exceptional service. Providing a stable roof over your head is our aim. With top quality products and a multi-skilled passionate team, we are more than confident that we can deliver a roof you will be proud of.

We have worked hard to get to where we are in the roof truss industry.  It is a competitive market and for this reason, we have put our focus on delivering only the best service possible.

Quality over quantity.

Over time we have come to realise one thing - our clients have always been at their happiest when they know they are receiving top-notch quality, that is eco-friendly and comes from a reputable, sustainable source that has been handled by a team that has respect for their trade that translates through to the final product. This is key.

To deliver a premium roof truss, you need to source only the best products from a company that understands your needs. 


These are the beliefs we hold true:

  • Love what you do.
  • Respect your clients and their needs.
  • Respects your products. This translates through the way you handle them and where you source them from.
  • Only use wood from a certified sustainable eco-friendly source.


  • Adhere to all regulations and certification processes.
  • Compile a workforce that shares our company’s beliefs.

Our company’s promise to our community and clients.

  • We promise to provide only the best roof trusses and service in a timely manner.
  • We promise to accept only the best possible outcome and nothing short thereof.
  • We promise to always work with a smile on our faces, as it is a privilege to be well and able to do so. For this we are grateful.
  • We promise to only use wood that is sourced from reliable, certified, sustainable companies.
  • We promise to deliver quality, regulation approved products and service.
  • We promise to develop and grow as much as possible within our community, providing job opportunities and opening doors to those in need.

“We love what we do. And when you are passionate about your job, you will never work a day in your life.”